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Since 1991, Drechsel has been one of Canada’s largest full service dealers for commercial office furnishings and furniture management services. The company was founded by Canadian furniture entrepreneur, Fred Drechsel. Fred passed away on February 26, 2022. His legacy will continue under the leadership of his daughter Tova Drechsel.

Drechsel has been supporting the way people work since 1965 with the introduction of REFF modular wood systems furniture. Today, we continue our excellence in delivering integrated furniture solutions for Fortune 500, public, institutional, and private sector clients.


To help you, our customer, meet or exceed your strategic business and design goals.


We will realize our vision by listening to you first. Then we will source, supply, install, reconfigure and maintain new and existing furniture products. And we will do so while delivering the highest level of customer service and accountability that we can achieve.

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