It's Always Been That Way

It’s been that way since 1964. That’s when Robert, Eric and Frank Zoebelein, along with their cousin, Fred Drechsel, launched Reff Furniture to seize an opportunity. Against the backdrop of the social revolution of the 1960s, the brothers saw a way to revolutionize office furniture. At the time, architects designed office buildings and workspaces. Furniture makers designed office furniture.

But, what if an architect got into designing and creating office furniture?

The result fostered an unprecedented marriage of form and function. One that not only showcased a clean, modern aesthetic, but incorporated the ideas of ergonomics, optimized spaces and improved workflows.

Fast forward to the 1980s and Reff kept the revolution rolling with the launch of a new generation of systems furniture.

Their success and unique approach soon caught the attention of the Knoll Group, a world leader in business furniture design and craftsmanship. And Knoll spotted something else in Reff that only they could appreciate. The company was founded by Hans Knoll, a furniture maker, and Florence Knoll, an architect.

Drechsel Business Interiors Takes Flight

Spotting yet another opportunity to make a difference in the provision of business furniture, Fred Drechsel founded Drechsel Business Interiors in 1991. The new company quickly became one of the largest Knoll dealers in Canada. Drechsel solved a problem for architects and designers. They now had a single source for outfitting their business interiors; from planning and procurement, to installation and maintenance.

Today, Drechsel continues our long partnership with Knoll. We continue to expand our product and service offering to meet the ever-changing needs of workplaces and their designers. And we continue to seek out more and better ways to serve you.

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