Dividends Horizon

• Enclosure solutions include a range of panel heights
• Options for add-up glass and panel stackers
• Coordinates with Knoll storage components and height-adjustable tables
• Power and data seamlessly integrate into Dividends Horizon Panels and Freestanding Spines with two or more electrical routing pathways
• Fixed table collection with x- or y-base

Antenna Workspaces

• Desk-, spine- and bench-based planning models
• Desk-based: Configurations from L, T and U-shaped, to aligned end-to-end (Antenna Desks, Simple Tables, and Y-Base Tables)
• Spine-based: Tech spines is the central element to support communications (Power Beam, Horsepower, and Fence)
• Bench-based: An integrated structure that combines spine and desk archetypes (Antenna Big Table and Telescope)

Reff Profiles

• Design solution for private offices, open spaces and meeting areas
• Focuses on the combination of wood and other materials
• Components ranging from storage and grounded work walls to freestanding desks and tables
• Integrated technology support

k. bench

• Height-adjustable benching system
• Slim upholstered, laminate or veneer screens offer variable or fixed visual privacy
• Cable management accessories keep cables out of sight
• White, gray, or black base

k. stand Height-Adjustable Tables

• Available in Standard Electric and Extended Electric
• Low profile foot accommodates mobile storage
• Cable management options to conceal cables under the desk
• Standard, Digital, or Toggle switch option
• Base in white, gray, or black

k. base Height-Adjustable Tables

• Available in Standard Electric and Extended Electric
• Adjustable-width base to support all worksurface sizes
• Low profile C-Leg foot accommodates mobile storage
• Programmable Digital Switch offers 4 programmable presets
• Worksurface in laminate or veneer finishes
• Base in black or white

Pixel Tables

• Pixel tables reconfigure quickly and easily
• Table top option of flipped or fixed
• Base option of glides or casters
• Offers a range of electrical options
• Pixel Connect ganging bracket and flip mechanism make it easy to attach and separate tables
• C-Leg and T-Leg tables combine to create a variety of easily reconfigured layouts
• Y-Leg and Y-Fold tables offer a solution for casual meeting spaces