• Framery O (1 person) office pods
• Framery Q (1-4 people), Framery 2Q (4-6 people) phone booths
• Framery products are mainly constructed of birch plywood
• Painted sheet metal or brushed stainless steel exterior
• Superior sound insulation of Rw 49 dB STC 49, NRC .0.90

Knoll Silent-Silo

• Designed by Carl Gustav Magnusson
• Double duty on sound absorption
• Choose from over one hundred finish options from FilzFelt and Spinneyback
• The sound-absorbing exterior provides an NRC rating of 0.50

Silen Space

• Phone booths are up to 40dB lower inside
• Laminated safety glass
• Retractable casters for easy relocation
• 99.9% of bacteria is filtered out every minute with their HEPA filter
• Acoustic felt interior for optimal acoustic performance
• S1 acoustic pod is perfect for individual work and phone calls
• S2, S4, and S6 phone booths are reconfigurable


• 100% Wool Design Felt with (NRC) ratings up to 1.20
• Includes Wall Panels, Hanging Panels, Floor Coverings, and Acoustic Solutions
• FilzFelt’s acoustic products offer flexibility in freestanding, surface-mounted, suspended, and table-mounted options.
• Elegant and easy to install
• A biodegradable and renewable material